iPhone XS Max review

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iPhone XS Max review

The iPhone XS Max (pronounced 'Ten S Max') was the largest smartphone Apple had ever created when it launched in September 2018. With a 6.5-inch display, barely any screen bezel and the now-iconic top-screen notch it was a dominating presence in the hand.  Sure, it's no longer Apple's latest 'Max' product, with the iPhone 11 Pro Max taking that slot (and the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro stealing the title of 'newest iPhone') but it's still an impressive piece of kit.  The arrival of the new guard of Apple smartphones resulted in iPhone XS Max being dropped from Apple's line-up, in an attempt to simplify the product range, but it's still available from retailers and carriers - and at somewhat of a reduced price.

It also dominates your pocket, both in terms of size and price. As well as being the biggest, the iPhone XS Max was also the most expensive iPhone at launch, another award stolen from it, with Apple delivering a handset with a screen size that rivals the most premium of Android flagships.  This is a bold statement from a firm that had, up until 2017 with the introduction of the 5.8-inch iPhone X, resisted the urge to push the screen size envelope to the same expansive degree as its Android rivals.  However, Apple has deemed 2018 was the right time to supersize its smartphone screen. 

The iPhone XS Max was the first generation of the new, larger form factor.  For those who crave more screen for video and gaming on the go, the expansive display of the iPhone XS Max (and newer iPhone 11 Pro Max) will be a welcome addition to Apple’s lineup, while those wanting a premium experience without the supersized dimensions can take comfort that it’s launched alongside the smaller iPhone XS.  If you're loving your iPhone XS Max, or considering buying one, the package is about to get a lot more tempting with iOS 13 hitting the device imminently.  

Apple's latest operating system, which will be available to the iPhone XS Max, brings many new features like Dark Mode and a range of app speed increases, so you can make the most of your iPhone experience.

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