Samsung Galaxy S10 review

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Samsung Galaxy S10 review

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is engineered and designed to be a conversation-changer, a phone that's crafted to turn everyone's yearly question of "Do I really need to upgrade?" into a more exclamatory "I really need to upgrade!"  The S10 does make this case, according to the many months we've spent testing Samsung's new flagship phone for 2019 – with some clear caveats... and competition. 

The even more ambitious Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has come out, with S Pen stylus and more features to appeal to folks who need the absolute top of the line. The Galaxy S11 is also around the corner, but the constant need to upgrade and improve will never be quelled.  It's the 6.1-inch Infinity Display that really sets the Samsung Galaxy S11 apart. The handset introduces a nearly-edge-to-edge look that stretches top to bottom, with pixels spilling over the curved edges at the sides – there's no room for big bezels on Samsung's new smartphone. 

For the most part, bezels don't exist here.  Its new Infinity-O screen – also a feature of the bigger Galaxy S10 Plus and cheaper Galaxy S10e – is so large it actually displaces the front camera, consigning it to a small 'punch-hole' in the screen. All of the important sensors are neatly tucked behind this vibrant and bright Super AMOLED display.

Also behind the glass is the new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. You won't find a fingerprint pad on the back anymore, or anywhere visibly on the phone. Samsung put its sensor – now invisible – on the front, where we feel it belongs.

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